November 21, 2012

book review: twelve knits of christmas

A little while ago I was asked to review The Twelve Knits of Christmas  by Fiona Goble (disclosure: I received the book for free, but was not paid to review it. I'm not otherwise affiliated with it). I have to say I'm completely charmed by it. It gives directions for knitting each of the animals and characters in the Twelve Days of Christmas song, such as the calling birds, maids a-milking, geese a-laying, etc. and of course, the partridge. Keeners may choose to knit appropriate multiple quantities of each. Having the whole set would be fantastic, actually. I should get on that.

Although I've tended to sew dolls and toys more than knitting them, these are all small enough they are quick projects. The book begins with basic knitting techniques and sewing stitches like French knots and chain stitch. The directions for each character are followed by its verse in the song, which my daughter has taken delight in singing frequently. The back cover contains a card pear tree you put together for your partridge to nest in. I couldn't resist making him immediately, as I have a thing for birds, trees, nests and eggs. As you can, perhaps, tell.

Overall, it's a lovely book and I look forward to knitting more from it. Ms. Goble has written many other books of knitted toys in various themes, including farmyard animals and royal wedding characters (knitting zombies intrigues me as well). This one's the perfect book for getting into holiday mode.

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