January 1, 2011

2010 knits

I always feel like I have about 12% of the time I wish I had to knit/design/dream about everything I want to knit. Today I've been looking over everyone's collages of their year's knitting and decided to do one myself since I've never done that before. It made me realize I knit more than I thought I did last year. If I included my many WIPs (shudder) I would have almost as many again.

I've tried to write out a knitting schedule for myself for the next several seasons to plan my projects. That 12% of time is so quickly filled by an activity that can sometimes feel so slow. Immensely enjoyable. But slow. So time is precious. Some resolutions, inspired by craftivore, are also prodding me to best organize this 12%:

1. knit more projects I design
2. knit only what I love
3. finish up that WIP backlog
4. knit down the stash
5. get the 6-yr-old knitting to help with #'s 1-4

Here's to a new year. Happy knitting!


  1. happy new year, chris! i'd love to see more of your designs!

  2. That's waay more knitting than I can claim this past year! Of course, we've been living on the tropical side most of the year ;-) Here's to next year!

  3. Happy new year to you! That is a lot of knitting. I always feel like I don't get much accomplished knitting wise until I do my total year collage....I'm looking forward to seeing more of your own designs next year :). Maybe I will finally design something myself. :)

  4. Yes, having in home slave labor is a must! Now why didn't I think of that? Both my kiddies can knit a little but they think I'm crazy with my knitting and frequently point that out. I've finally sketched my crafting resolutions, in some ways it's more of a to-do list, maybe I'll get to cross something off that way.

  5. BTW, I think you have an awesome gallery of FOs. Ten sweaters in one year?! Wow.

  6. wow, you have done a ton of projects in 2010. It really puts it into perspective when you put them all on one page. I am amazed. I am lucky to keep my house clean when I come home from work, never mind knitting so many projects.